BugDigger Widget

The widget is a piece of JavaScript code that you paste into your pages.

Adding BugDigger widget to HTML page

To use the widget on your pages, copy the snippet below and paste it into your website template page so that it appears before the closing </head> tag (or, alternatively, just before the closing </body> tag).

<script type="text/javascript">
var _bdWidgetConfig = {
apiKey: 'hAdrucevahatRayewrecRespu4rapusw8Yew2eje77Cr' // use your key!
(function() {
var bds = document.createElement('script'); bds.type = 'text/javascript'; bds.async = true;
bds.src = "https://my.bugdigger.com/widget.js";
var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(bds, s);

The code snippet above will load BugDigger widget and show the launch button in bottom right corner of a browser window.

Reported issue will be submitted to the project identified by the API key and further routed in accordance with project settings.

BugDigger users without applicable subscription plan can test the API using their user API key (can be found at the bottom of the Integrations page). In this case submitted issue reports will appear on user's account under the "owned by me" bugs list.

Using custom launch mechanism

To prevent widget button to show up automatically, at the start of widget loading script add:

_bdWidgetShowButton = false;

Then, to show the widget, initialize it from your script:

var widgetConfig = {
apiKey: 'hAdrucevahatRayewrecRespu4rapusw8Yew2eje77Cr', // use your key!
launchOnInit: true

Customizing labels and messages

To change label or message text, add "messages" object to the configuration:

var widgetConfig = {
apiKey: 'hAdrucevahatRayewrecRespu4rapusw8Yew2eje77Cr', // use your key!
messages: {
'label': "Send Feedback",
'header': "Send Feedback",
'nextLabel': "Continue",
'reviewLabel': "Review",
'sendLabel': "Submit",
'closeLabel': "Close",
'messageSuccess': "Your feedback was sent successfully.",
'messageError': "There was an error sending your feedback to the server.",
'form_field_description': 'Please describe the issue you are experiencing',
'form_field_description_in_review': 'Description',
'form_field_name': 'Your Name',
'form_field_name_in_review': 'Your Name',
'form_field_email': 'Your Email',
'form_field_email_in_review': 'Your Email',
'screenshot_capture_in_progress': 'Capturing page screenshot... (The browser may hang until completed.)',
'screenshot_capture_completed': 'Captured page screenshot.',
'screenshot_capture_failed': 'Sorry, could not capture page screenshot.',
'annotator_not_available': 'Page screenshot has been captured but annotation tool is not available for your web browser.',
'annotator_not_loaded': 'Sorry, annotation tool could not be loaded.',
'blackout_source_exclude': 'Excluded as a part of the screenshot has been \nblacked out.',
'java_required': 'Screen capture requires Java 6 or higher installed and allowed to run.',
'java_wait': 'Waiting on Java applet to start...',
'annotate_message': 'Annotate web page screenshot.',
'jcapture_error': 'Error capturing web page screenshot.',
'screenshot_edit_hl': 'Highlight areas relevant to your feedback.',
'screenshot_edit_black': 'Black out any personal information.',
'review_info': 'Additional Info',
'review_screenshot': 'Screenshot'
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