Options for working with JIRA

Looking for BugDigger Plugin for JIRA documentation? You can find it here.

If you host your JIRA instance, we recommend using BugDigger Plugin for JIRA because:

  • It works with any authentication mechanism you may use in JIRA.

  • Can be used with any form fields configuration.

  • Supports zero-configuration for browser extensions, provided by hosts syncing feature.

  • You control your data. Screenshot and other data are uploaded directly to JIRA, not going to our hosted service.

Unfortunately, at this time you can't install BugDigger Plugin on JIRA Cloud.

If you cannot install the plugin for any reason, My BugDigger service offers the following integration options:

  1. Connect My BugDigger with JIRA for direct bug report submission. In this case BugDigger will access JIRA to collect form fields for the selected project and show these fields in own bug reporting form. My BugDigger service supports JIRA’s most commonly used form field types. However, it cannot provide user with UI and logic provided by some JIRA’s widgets and plugins. My BugDigger service works best with JIRA 5 and later (including JIRA Cloud) as it relies on JIRA’s support for REST to discover projects, issue types and associated form fields.

  2. If you don't need your bug reporters to sign in to JIRA, you could use BugDigger's support for Guest users sending bug reports via email to JIRA. Defining mail handler in JIRA you can automatically create an issue along with attached screenshot.

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