Project features and settings

Use of projects in BugDigger is optional but has many benefits:

  • You can associate web sites with a project. This applies globally so users reporting bugs found on your web sites do not need to know where the bug report should go.

  • Any user can report a bug without need to have an account on your issue tracker or to sign-in to BugDigger.

  • Bug reports can be automatically emailed to any email address or submitted to an external issue tracker.

  • You can collect bug reports via RSS/Atom feed.

Note: Use of projects in BugDigger is optional. Associating an external issue tracker with your BugDigger subscription you've automatically enabled all users on your external projects.

Project settings


Name of the project


You can choose between Active and Private project status.


The project description will be shown on the bug reporting form, next to the project name.

Host names

The list of web sites associated with this project. When a user reports a bug for any of the listed web sites, the bug report will be automatically assigned to the project and further dispatched in accordance with the project settings.

Subscribers with the Enterprise or better subscription plan can use wildcards to associate a group of web sites with the project. For example: cms.* (Rules with wildcards apply only if there's no project with an exact host name match.)

Post event URL

Target URL for issue event POST notification.

Email report to

Send notification about issue reports to listed email addresses.

Email content

Choose if you want screenshot(s) and URL to the details page on My BugDigger included in email.

Note: These settings have effect only for Active projects.

Submit to / Target project

Select a project on an external issue tracker where you want to submitted bug reports sent.

When bug reporter is signed-in to My BugDigger via the selected issue tracker and has access to the target project:

  1. My BugDigger service will automatically present bug reporting form with form fields supported by the external project (no need for user to select target project), and

  2. The bug report will be submitted to the selected external project using identity of the reporter.

When a Guest user reports an issue:

  1. Simple bug reporting form will be presented, and

  2. The bug report will be submitted to the selected external project using your (subscriber's) identity.

Issue reporting allowed to

Choose who's allowed to submit an issue report to your project - Anyone or Project members only.

Use public access URL

Select contexts in which you want to include public access URL for bug reports.

Note: These settings have effect only for Active projects.

API key

Use the API key to integrate with the BugDigger service via REST API.

After updating associated host names or other bug report routing options, please allow up to 5 minutes for changes to take effect.

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