Project members

When you create a project, default settings allow anyone (even without logging-in to BugDigger) to submit a bug report found on project associated web sites. As a result, the bug report will be automatically handled as per project settings but it also goes against your subscription quotas (max active users, etc.) If this is not desired behavior, in the project settings you can disable Guests and allow issue reporting to your project members only.

Your project team on BugDigger includes:

  • People on associated external issue tracker project. You don't need to add these users manually as BugDigger relies on access rights you have in the issue tracker. (See also Users on your account.)

  • Specifically allowed BugDigger users.

To add a BugDigger user to the project, open Project members page and enter user's email address. BugDigger will send an invitation email to user with a confirmation URL that user needs to click on.

You can allow all users on a domain specifying * as the email address. In this case you'll have to invite users to BugDigger manually, but there's no need for users to confirm their participation in the project.

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