Accepting issue reports from Guests

You can allow any user with BugDigger browser add-on to submit bug report to your JIRA, without need for user to sign-in or have a JIRA account. (We reference these as Guests or Anonymous users.)

JIRA project configuration requirements

Minimal JIRA configuration requirements that allow anyone to submit issues using BugDigger without login:

  • The permission scheme must allow “Anyone to:

    • Create an issue, and

    • Attach files.

  • The Reporter” field in the project fields configuration should be optional.

Example configuration schema

  1. Add a new Issue Type named, for example, “Feedback”.

  2. Create/edit Issue Type Schema to include the above create issue type.

  3. If you created a new issue type schema, associate it with the project.

  4. Edit Field Configuration Scheme and associate the “Feedback” issue type with a new Field Configuration.

  5. Edit the field configuration to show only fields you expect from non-technical bug reporters to fill in (e.g. summary and description) and those used by BugDigger (environment and attachment). You may also want to add custom fields for reporter to provide name and contact email.

BugDigger Guest handling options

For options that define BugDigger's behavior with Guest users see Project specific settings.

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