BugDigger Plugin for JIRA

BugDigger Plugin for JIRA Server allows anyone with free BugDigger browser add-on to submit detailed web application bug report without effort.

What are the plugin advantages over BugDigger hosted service?

  • Can be used with JIRA behind firewall.

  • Authentication is handled by JIRA.

  • Issue data (screenshot, etc.) is uploaded directly to JIRA, without trails on third party sites.

  • Seamless JIRA integration and unchanged user experience.

JIRA Plugin is independent from our BugDigger hosted service – you do NOT need the service subscription for plugin to work.

BugDigger Add-on for JIRA Server can be downloaded from Atlassian Marketplace.

How to submit issue reports directly to JIRA (with BugDigger Plugin installed)?

By default, BugDigger browser add-on will send issue reports to our hosted service (https://my.bugdigger.com/) that can take it further to an external issue tracking site. With BugDigger Plugin for JIRA installed, you can skip the hosted service and send issue reports directly to your JIRA using one of the following two approaches:

1) Add JIRA to the browser add-on configuration; see User Guide for instructions. (BugDigger browser add-on can have multiple servers defined and user decides which one to use.)

2) Use hosts syncing option and the BugDigger service will automatically redirect to your JIRA any user coming from your project related web sites. (The redirection happens before any data is uploaded to the service and user will not even notice it.)

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