Frequently Asked Questions

Our JIRA is behind a firewall. Can we still use BugDigger Plugin and all its features?

Yes, you can.

Do we need My BugDigger subscription in order to use hosts syncing or any other BugDigger Plugin feature?

No, you don't. Hosts syncing is a complimentary service available free of charge as long as your JIRA license support period is valid.

Can we use hosts syncing feature for web sites which are behind a firewall?

Yes, you can. The My BugDigger service doesn't care if your web sites are publicly reachable from the Internet.

What kind of data reaches My BugDigger service when we rely on host syncing feature to redirect users to our JIRA?

The only data My BugDigger receives is the URL of the web page for which issue is being reported. The service uses host name from the URL to find associated JIRA instance. The web page screenshot and site usage history will be sent by the browser add-on directly to JIRA.

If you work on a super secret project and don't want even URLs to reach the My BugDigger service, do not enable host syncing (it's off by default) and your users should update BugDigger browser add-on configuration to point to your JIRA.

Do we need the JIRA Plugin if we're using hosted BugDigger service?

No, you don't. The BugDigger service relies on JIRA's REST support and doesn't need the JIRA Plugin.

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