Hosts syncing with My BugDigger

When a user installs BugDigger browser add-on, bug reports are by default sent to our hosted My BugDigger service. Before the 2.0 release of BugDigger plugin, in order to submit a bug report directly to JIRA, users had to update browser add-on configuration. Well, not any more!

Hosts syncing greatly simplifies BugDigger use for non-technical testers/users as they can send bug reports to your JIRA without changing default browser add-on configuration.

Hosts syncing means that the list of host names associated with a JIRA project is automatically pushed to the My BugDigger service. As a result, users coming to My BugDigger from any of your web sites will be redirected to your JIRA to complete the issue report. The redirection happens before any data is uploaded to the service.

Hosts syncing can be used with JIRA instances behind a firewall.

Prerequisites and enabling

  • JIRA must be able to connect

  • Your BugDigger license support period must be valid. (If the support period has expired, My BugDigger will not redirect bug reporters to your JIRA. To prevent this, make sure to renew your license maintenance on time.)

  • Hosts syncing must be enabled by JIRA administrator. (It's turned off by default.)

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