Project specific settings

BugDigger project settings can be edited by project administrators:

  1. Select Projects (in the main JIRA section, not Administration)

  2. Select desired project

  3. Open BugDigger tab


Common settings

Common settings apply to both JIRA users and Guests.

Host name associations

List host names associated with the selected project. When a user reports an issue for a listed web site, the current project will be automatically selected.

Sync host name changes with My BugDigger

When selected, any change in the list of associated host names will be pushed to the My BugDigger service.

This option is available only when hosts syncing is enabled.

Guest user settings

Guest user options tell BugDigger plugin how to behave when a user without JIRA account reports an issue:

Issue type

When an issue type is selected, Guest user will be automatically sent to the issue reporting form, skipping JIRA's project and issue type selection page.

Automatically upload collected data

When user reached issue reporting form, web page screenshot and other data collected by BugDigger will be automatically uploaded and attached to the issue.

Hide environment field

If selected, JIRA's "Environment" form field will be hidden in the issue reporting form (but it will still be populated with data collected by BugDigger).

Hide attachments section

If selected, attachments section will hidden. Note that, when a screenshot is uploaded, its thumbnail appears in the attachments section of the form. This gives user a possibility to annotate the image. Hiding the attachment section you will still receive the screenshot but user will not be able to edit the image.

Hide JIRA menu

Allows you to additionally simplify issue reporting page hiding JIRA's menu.

Thank you message

Typically, in corporate environments users cannot see issue reports without signing in to JIRA. (This would require JIRA permission "Browse project" assigned to "Anyone".) As a result, when a Guest user submits an issue, JIRA shows a message that user has no permission to view the issue. BugDigger allows you to replace this "access denied" message with a custom "thank you" note. You can use HTML formatting in the message.

To make bug reporting possible for Guest users, project's configuration schema in JIRA must allow this. See Accepting issue reports from Guests for details.

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