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Setting up BugDigger browser add-on

Install browser add-on

To get started, download and install BugDigger browser add-on. (Add-on installation for Firefox and Internet Explorer involves browser restart so you may want to bookmark or print this page before proceeding.)

After installing the BugDigger add-on, the bug reporting button appears in your browser’s toolbar.

Clicking the bug reporting button at this point would take you to the BugDigger hosted service instead to JIRA. We’ll change that in the next step.

Connect browser add-on with your JIRA

In Firefox and Internet Explorer open BugDigger menu from your browser’s toolbar and select “BugDigger Servers”:


In Google Chrome access BugDigger Servers opening Options from the Chrome’s Extensions Manager page.

In Safari open Preferences > Extensions > BugDigger. There are 5 slots available marked with "BugDigger Server #1" to "BugDigger Server #5". Add JIRA server to an empty slot or override URL to My BugDigger service.

Specify URL to your JIRA server, optionally provide a descriptive name, click the Add button and close clicking OK:


With multiple BugDigger servers defined, click on the bug reporting button will show the menu where you can select the destination issue tracker for your bug report. (If you do not plan to use My BugDigger service, feel free to remove it from the list of servers as that will save you an additional click.)

Now you’re ready!

Reporting issues

Click the bug reporting button at any time, on any web site – BugDigger automatically captures screenshot and other details of the web page you were on and takes you straight to your JIRA. You can attach the collected information while on an issue view page or in issue reporting form.

BugDigger shows all your unsubmitted issues at the top of the JIRA page until you select destination for your bug report (or cancel it).


The Attach button appears in contexts that allow data upload. It takes just a click to add screenshot and other contextual data to your issue report.


BugDigger allows you to annotate any image attached to an issue. Just click the icon shown next to its name.


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